Greeting Cards

Stourbridge Galleries stock an extensive range of stylish, beautifully designed cards that cannot be found in most High Street card shops.

They include hand-finished cards from Cinnamon Aitch, Stop the Clock, Belly Button and Five Dollar Shake, sophisticated yet quirky designs from the ever popular Caroline Gardner, and the contemporary Printmakers range from Art Angels.

We have cards for every occasion from Weddings to Birth Congratulations, cards for special relations, and cards for big ages from 1 to 100! Through the year we feature special ranges for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and, of course, Christmas when we display a wide range of charity cards from Woodmansterne and Museums & Galleries.

These are all complemented by our gift bags, wrapping paper and tissue, which will make a gift truly special.

Visit our shop or please contact us if you have a question.